Saturday, June 14, 2008

My 'hood

It is often said that art is all around you. Thus, if anyone needs inspriation (for writing, painting, taking pictures, etc.) they should look no further than their own back yard. I recently came across a photography blog entry in which the photographer walked to work one day and shot photos of everyday life. Although her photos were of simple things: trash, shopping carts, the curb, etc., there was something special about the way she captured things. She challenged readers to do the same.

So, here is what I see everytime I walk to the store, post office, or pay a bill. Enjoy...

Cigarette Vending Machine

I swear I thought this cat was sweet and right as I clicked the button, it hissed at me!

I will be sure to add more photos as I take them from around the village that I live in. It's definitely not Los Angeles, but it's home for the next year, so I might as well embrace it! :-)


Pete said...

hey you have some really nice shots there! i really love that cat shot especially. great timing!!