Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back that thang up

So, yeahhh, that thing that people always say to do, you know, saving important stuff on an external drive....uh, yea, I haven't really gotten around to doing that yet. And, well, my computer's AC adaptor decided to go on a little vacation without any warning, so, I'm stuck without my laptop for a while and ALL of my pictures are on it! Yikes. I've read tons of blogs that stress the importance of saving photos and other important things on drives, but luckily, my computer is ok, it's just the charger that lets the battery run.
In any case, I'm still taking pictures until I can get my computer fixed so I can post the rest of my Tokyo time later. So, yea, if you have anything valuable you don't want to lose on your computer, you better back, back, back it up! :)