Saturday, September 6, 2008

Little Sister

She already has a bond with her big sister, Asia, who simply has to walk up her and say, "Heeeey!" Instantly, little Naomi is beaming. This little sister is one of the coolest, chill babies I have had the pleasure of meeting. I usually get nervous holding babies: Am I holding her OK? Am I going to drop her? Is she going to cry? All the while, she just hung out in my arms like she had known me for a while. I just love how different babies' personalities are from each other, and Naomi's relaxing, yet pondering demeanor is no exception. I'm positive that raising two children under the age of 2 at the same time must be exhausting, but their supermom Fie makes it look easy. Seriously. She can put one baby to sleep, get lunch ready and spend some quality mommy-daughter bonding time with her other darling, all within the time-frame of a Barney episode. :) And, she makes it look so easy.

Meet Naomi:

I love how peaceful babies look when they're asleep.

I promise, I have tons more pictures of all the beautiful kids I have hung out with recently. I'll post them soon!