Monday, September 15, 2008

Something's goin on in the village

What do you get when you combine a national holiday, a small town, and a basketball team boasting Japan's first Japanese-born player to go to the NBA? A lot of screaming, pushing and, in some cases, crying!
Today, Abe's basketball team held an event at the local mall so that the fans could meet the team. Since the team's acquisition of one-time NBA player, Tabuse, the interest in basketball has suddenly skyrocketed. I guess that means it's good for ticket sales. But that also means lots of huge crowds and a little bit of chaos.
I've been to lots of bball events while living in Japan, both for the Tochigi Brex (栃木ブレックス) and for other teams, but today was a little more exciting since the family of the players were invited to stand in the staff area...which meant I got to wear a PRESS shirt...soooo I couldn't let this opportunity pass and I busted out my trusty little Nikon and took pictures next to the real photogs!


I know, I'm a dork, but don't I look like I could kinda be a photographer there? ;)

Bustin some cheer...

This cute little fan was waiting patiently for an autograph:

A little Tochigi madness

The ladies, and men, went crazy for Tabuse...

Here are Abe and one of the new Americans. I think they will intimidate the other teams, don't you? :)

All in all, it was a long, but fun experience. Aside from the crying women and mothers pushing me out of the way to get Abe's autograph on our way to the car, it was a good opportunity to take some pictures.

In other news, my laptop charger is still whaaaack so I can't update any of the baby pictures I had been working on. In time, I guess. In the meantime, I've gathered a few more people who have agreed to let me take their pic-sha. So in the next few weeks, I should have some cool stuff. Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

The event looked so exciting, right? Abe is really cool in this picture! junko

Julie Ann said...

Yea, it was fun! I'm glad I took my camera with me. :)