Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something's on my blog's mind

So, bad laptop cord is still not cooperating with me. Abe ordered me a new one which should be arriving in the mail soon. But that means that I still don't have access to my pictures. Boooo. But, the good news is that one of Abe's teammates has a girlfriend who is visiting from the States and she has agreed to a photo shoot with me this week. More practice for me. Woohoo!

Anyway, I got this idea from another photo blog and thought it would be cool to try. It's called a wordle and basically, you go to the site, enter your blog address and it makes a mini collage of the words you use most often in your blog (it goes by the first page only). The larger words are the ones that appear most on your blog. I found it interesting that some of the biggest words on mine were pictures, babies, and time. Hmmmm. I hope Abe doesn't read this. Ha.

I think it's a cool way to examine what my blog is saying, and who and what I talk about. Good to see I have friends' names in there too. I'll probably do this every few months to see how things change.

Check back later in the week for some new pictures.