Sunday, October 19, 2008


I love lazy Sundays. That's exactly what today has been. I slept in, taught one private student, went shopping and just relaxed. Ahhhh. I'm also really happy because the Brex won again, which means they are meshing more as a team and may not be the proverbial doormat expansion team this season like many may have expected. They play again next weekend in Mie prefecture, which is a lonnnng bus ride away. I hope this week flies by!

Since this is supposed to be a photo blog, and I haven't had time to take some good pictures like I would like to, I thought I'd post some random pictures I've taken recently that make me happy since today is a happy day! Enjoy....

This is one of my students from Linnie's English School. His name is Daichi and he is sooo cute. He sings "The Hello Song" with so much feeling and has the dance moves down pat!

This is a famous character in Japan named Cupie. He's really famous and always naked but I'd never seen this anatomical variation of him before. It was on my student's table and I couldn't avoid looking at it while we were studying.

Have I mentioned how badly I want a dog?! This is An-chan, my student's dog. She is so well-behaved and is bilingual. So smart, ne?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!