Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It feels goooood!

Well, it's about time! It was a grueling weeking, filled with excitement and disappointment but Abe's team finally won their first game this season. And it was soooo nice to see it happen. Of course, I am being optimistic in saying that I think they got off to a rocky start, but should be able to get into the groove of things now. It's always nice to see how excited fans are to watch thier local team get some wins in this division.
As always, I took some photos at the games. I'm reeeeally hoping that I can get a zoom lens sometime soon so I can get some good action shots because my little old 18-55mm lens just doesn't cut it for the exciting shots. But I did manage to get some cool pictures of the event itself:

Check out the DJ equipment they use for every homegame...

Abe's loyal fans came with a revamped version of their old sign. They bring it to EVERY home game. I don't think it's a spitting image of Abe, but it's a funny caricature nonethelesss.

My friend Hitomi brought her friend so they could watch a game. I hope they had fun!

The Brex celebrated Halloween a little bit early this year. So lots of kids showed up in costumes so it was fun for them too, although I didn't see any vampires or ghosts, just lots of cats, witches and pumpkins.

Another one of Abe's fans. It's funny how they all say he's 'Cool'...I don't know why they use that word to describe him, but I like to describe him as HOT...hehehe

Tipoff...let the fun begin!

On a side-note, I've been so busy working the past few weeks that I haven't been able to take any pictures of friends, kids, etc. But I'm hoping to do so sometime soon. One of my adult students just had a baby so I'm hoping to get some cool newborn shots. Anyway, Tochigi plays another game this weekend against Mitsubishi...I hope they can add another victory to their record!



Junko said...

We also feel very happy that Brex won!

Julie Ann said...

Thank you Junko. I'm glad they finally won a was painful watching them come so close each time!