Monday, November 3, 2008


Monday was a very exciting and overwhelming day. First off, Abe's team won again! It was such a wonderful feeling because it was against his old team, Toyota, and it was nice to see him win against a former team. But it was also kind of sad to see also, because my friends' husbands play on the other team and I know it would have meant a lot for them to win as well. But we play them again a couple more times, so there will be more opportunities for them to get revenge. :)
But it was also really nice to see some old friends whom I hadn't seen since we moved from Tokyo. The players' wives looked really good and their kids got so big! I was happy that some of them remembered me and it kind of made me feel like I had never left.


This is one of the Toyota wives and her daughter. She got so big since the last time I saw her and everytime she saw me, she'd cry. She was all smiles at the game though!

This is one of the Brex fans. He always sits with me and the rest of the Brex family at the games. Look at who is on the program he is holding... :)

Another sold-out crowd celebrating the team's surprising victory.


I know, I know. I keep posting pictures of Abe and his signs. But this was too cool NOT to post...Tochigi fans are so creative!

This weekend, the Brex play Panasonic, Abe's first team in Japan. They're tied for first right now so it's going to be a tough one. **positive thoughts**