Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, on some of my blog entries about basketball, you may have started to notice some squiggly symbols (AKA Japanese kanji). That's because I've discovered that I've been getting lots of hits on my blog from Japanese readers. Cool! I think they're interested in the Brex (maybe not so much in my photography, but at least peeps are checking out the blog!) but nonetheless, I thought it would be nice to include Japanese readers. So, if you don't speak Japanese, excuse the writing in some of the entries. And if you do speak Nihongo: 私のページへの歓迎!

Oh yea, I found this sign in a public restroom on a road trip this, just in case you weren't sure:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


ES-Sense said...

ahahahahh love it! That's soooo hilarious!!! Oh I'm Joan btw :-D

Julie Ann said...

Hi Joan! I thought this was friends came out of the bathroom laughing at the same pictures in their stalls. Sad thing is, it's not a joke! :)