Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh, the colors!

If there's one thing that the local people here in Japan look forward to around this time of year, it's the foliage. I must admit that I get a little excited now too, since we don't get to experience the full-on colors and weather change in LA like I get to now. And now that I have my Nikon, I can appreciate it a little more.

This past Sunday, Abe had a game in Kanuma (a city near Utsunomiya). Being that the team makes him get to the gym hours early, the other players and staff's wives show up early too. I couldn't let a beautiful autumn afternoon go by without a quick 10-minute impromptu photo shoot with the trainer's wife.


Meet Mayumi! She is one of the most cheerful and funny people I have met here in Tochigi. She really is always as "genki" as she looks in these photos...



I love this one:


These carp were HUGE...much bigger than the ducks that were competing with them to eat the chips we were feeding them.


Hopefully, I'll be able to take more photos of people before the reds, oranges and yellows fade away...Thank you Mayumi! :)


Erin said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your pictures are gorgeous! I would definitely be giving you some business if we lived in Japan instead of Turkey! I saw in your profile you have lived in Japan for 4 years. Wow! Do you go back to the States in the off-season? I bet you have a lot of the language too, huh?

On a photography note, I would love to learn a little to take better pictures at my husband's games and of my kids. Is there any basic book you would recommend or other resource for learning the basics of photography?

Julie Ann said...

Ahhh, thank you for your kind words! I can help you with any questions that I know how to answer!

Anna said...

Beautiful stuff Juledawg! I LOVE the fall and I could almost smell that wonderful fallscent looking at you pictures! hmmmmmm...I smeell iittt!

Julie Ann said...

thanks anna...i love the fall too! hopefully there will be something left next month when i head out to yoyogi! said...

I love her boots

Anonymous said...

Very cool shot. Great composition and contrast.

Julie Ann said...

thank you so much for the compliments! it's always motivating to keep shooting, and learning! :)