Thursday, December 4, 2008

Abe's Milk Ad

Abe's team wants everyone to drink milk! It's so important that they made a poster/ad for drinking milk. I actually like the poster...I like the way Abe looks...such a cheesy smile!
(He's in the bottom row, the second guy)...If you can't read the Japanese, he's saying "Every morning, I drink milk!" hahaha...He really doesn't, but Japan doesn't need to know, right? ;)


The Brex play this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in Oyama. It should be a successful weekend as far as they're concerned, but nothing is ever certain in Japan, so we'll see.

Oh, and I'm SO excited about a little photography thing that I did, but it involves a Christmas surprise, so I can't blog about it's nothing big, but still a surprise so I'll show it later this month. (I know, I hate when people do that) :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!


anna said...

How fun! Where does these posters go? They put them all over town or?

Julie Ann said...

i'm not sure what they do with those things...apparently they have a calendar coming out too...abe wasn't aware of it...too funny, huh?

Mary Marantz said...

hahah that's awesome!!

Julie Ann said...

yea, i want to blow it'll be a funny memory of japan when we move back to cali

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