Friday, December 12, 2008


I have been in desperate need of a haircut/color for sometime now, but my weekdays are pretty busy and my weekends usually consist of busses or long car rides to basketball games. Last week, I tried to get a haircut at a salon I'd never been to but sadly, they rejected me (they said they were booked, but I was the only person in the salon...but that's a story for another blog post!).
Anyway, I had a day off this week and went to my favorite place, Colors Hair Control in Utsunomiya. They are really friendly there and usually do what I ask. Well, I had a certain style and color in mind...sideswept bangs and black hair...something different this winter. I guess people don't usually dye their hair black in Japan, because the stylist looked at me like I said I wanted my hair neon green. He kept repeating, "Blaaaack?! Honto ni?!?! (Means "really")...I said yes, but he said that the trend now is Pink Dark Brown. "Huh?" I asked? He said that it's not that noticeable but it's still dark. I figured what the heck, so I agreed. I didn't really notice anything special about it when I left the salon, but I'm really starting to notice it now. Execpt my hair looks more purple than anything else.

This girl is working the purple hair... so much!

Oh well, I'm in Japan. My job is pretty laid-back so it's not like it's the end of the world. And at least it's not a mullet, like the last bad hair experience I had 2 years ago.


Maria said...

I'm adventerous when it comes to my hair, but I might cry if my head were purple!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. she is def rocking that hair colour.. i cant wait to see urs. i apploud you for being so brave!

If u want lets go 2 the one in Harajuku he is so sweet a
and uses only western products...

Im sure u look great!
Cant wait 2 see u next week...

Julie Ann said...

Well, luckily, it's faded lots so it's not as noticeable anymore. abe made some comments about it at first, but it looks like it's more brownish again. thank God!

ES-Sense said...

That purple hair would make for an interesting photoshoot!!!!