Monday, December 8, 2008

She Returns

This past June, when I first began to figure out my Nikon (I'm still learning everyday) I needed a test subject. Naturally, I practiced my skills on Abe, but he quickly got frustrated at me pointing that camera in his face, at his feet, his get it, right?

Needless to say I had to venture off elsewhere to get some new shots. So, I turned to someone who has always been willing to try anything: Sachiko. She's a Brex wife and one of my students (who is getting really good, by the way!) and, although she can be a bit shy at times, she is always willing to help a photographer-in-training out.

This weekend, our boys had a game in Oyama and I remember the gym from last year because of it's gorgeous landscaping, and being that it was a gorgeous day, we decided to get some shots is what transpired...



I like this bike shot. This mama-chari --translation: "mama-bike" is the standard by which schoolchildren, businessmen, grandmas, and anyone else who pedals around town use in Japan. Abe and I have a matching pair as well.


I am so hardcore/daring...I risked my own safety for the good of some cool pics. I wasn't going to let a few happy, snuggly snakes scare me away! (I think it's so funny how Japanese signs always have the cutest 'mascots' on them, no matter what the warning is.)



She was really excited when she found one of these on the ground. They are called "donburi" and they come from trees. What's funny is that when I was little, my grandmother used to play this Japanese record album and one of the songs was called "Donburi"...I immediately started singing the song when Sachiko picked it up and she was so surprised that I knew the song. Now I know what I was singing about. :)


I'm hoping to take some more good photos before the end of this year. Hopefully, I'll get some more opportunities soon.


Heather said...

good stuff! I sure would love to be in Japan right now...I only assume you could be so inspired with your surroundings. thanks for sharing.

Julie Ann said...

Thank you Heather! Being in Japan really awakened my interest in if I could only get back to Cali to take some workshops! :)

I love your stuff Heather!