Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another check!

I'm totally stoked about something that has happened recently involving my photography. I recently met up with Beth who is also a photgrapher in the making and we were able to have a little meet and shoot with each other. It was so much fun and she was able to get me some cool headshots (another check on my New Year's list crossed off!). I'll post them sometime next week.

For now, I'm still editing a ton of photos from my little shoot with this fun Minnesota girl, but I wanted to post one for now:


What a perfect smile, eh?

Woohoo for finding another photographer in training in japan!


Maria said...

She's beautiful, but that's what I expect from MN girls. ;) (I'm from MN...)

Fie said...

Its a beautiful picture, and the colors and light is just perfect!
Im happy that you found someone that's on the same journey as you!
Its great to have someone to go along the way with!
You deserve all the best juldog and happy u found eachother, so far away from home.. P.s where the friday Picture! I saw a man today in a playboy sweatsuit. and was thinking of u! LOL...

Christopher said...

What is so cool about this is that the background really makes the photo. She is not centered and you can see "everything". Well done.

Julie Ann said...

thank you for the comments! we had fun and i'm always learning...any tips are appreciated.

Fie, any photos you have, send my way!!! :)

Kimberlee West said...

how fun! great shot! So I was very close to teaching English overseas... still a dream of mine, maybe someday! :) I just wanted to say thanks so much for the sweet email you sent me. That totally made my day. Thank you!