Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing Cameras Unite!

Two words: brilliant idea. I'm sure everyone has done it or knows someone who has. I actually did it twice in one semester of college...lost a camera! I have always wondered what people who find other people's cmaeras do with them. Many times, you want to return it to its owner, but don't have a way to. It feels funny, I'm sure, to go through the pictures that were never meant for you to see in the first place.

However, I found a blog that reunites people with their lost cameras, and the memories they may have lost! People just post a picture of whom they think it belongs to and where they found it. I love it! One of their success stories involves the below picture in which a woman lost her camera with pictures on it including her child's birth and her master's graduation.

I found your beans!


Bobbie said...

What?! This is so cool!!

michelle cunningham said...

omg!!!! that is beyond kool! coz everyone who's ever lost a camera is always most concerned about the pix they lost more than the camera. they should have that at every camera store... every camera box. everyone should know!

Cathy Crawley said...

That is just too cool for words! What a great idea! I recently found a pint and shoot digital camera in my local park, thankfully the owner had also left behind her camera case and in that was her husband's business card so I could return it :)