Friday, April 10, 2009

hometown tourist

Well, I've been home for two weeks already and I can't believe how fast time is going. Abe and I still spend lots of time eating...however, we've also taken the time to join the gym, as well as purchasing the Wii Fit. Oh boyyyy, do we love it! I've spent a few days working on my posture and balance and my abs are still sore. Woo hoo!

Last week, we went to San Diego to visit some friends from college whom we haven't seen since last summer. It's funny how much people can change in a year...our old friends all have their own places, furnished in real furniture (not futons from Ikea or hand-me-down couches!). Two of our friends in particular have a real appreciation for insects and plantlife, which was awesome for me since I wanted to try out my faithful 18-200mm lens. So we went to a hidden canyon in SD and I shot away...

I also wanted to play with different editing styles on Lightroom so that's what I used in all of the photos:


I liked this plant because it looked like a chili plant, but it was a type of blossom:


This next photo was tricky...the ladybug was actually upside down, but I wanted her to be right-side-up for the photo. This reminds me that I need to rent a macro lens while I'm out here!



Something about these rocks were intriguing...




It's been so much fun visiting familiar faces with a new 'touristy' perspective. I love that I have a dslr to capture the things I might not have noticed in the past.
Stay tuned for more!


Cathy Crawley said...

I LOVE the ladybug photo! How good were you to get that so tack sharp!

Briony said...

oh my goodness these are wonderful...i love the lady bug one and the black and white weed one, i would blow that one up on a canvas.

Jessica said...

Agreed, the ladybug photo is sublime.

I love editing with Lightroom, it's just so satisfying and at the same time you know you can just undo it all whenever you want.

Ashley Rose said...

I need to do this =) leave a while then came back home and snap snap snap! I heart the lady bug too =)

Anna said...

Julie! You always make me go Woooow when I look at your pictures! Awesome! Love them all but I really like the little rocks and I think I know why they were so appealing to you as they look like coffee beans. ;)
How can I convince you to come out here and take family portraits of the Takahashi's??!
Dinner and beer in DP?

beth said...

Love the 1st one and the one with the rocks!! Is this because you are 'rockin' in Cali right now? Oh yes, I am a dork. Haaaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos!
I love the photo of rocks best!
Butterfly one is also very beautiful.
I feel like I can hear kind of refreshing sound of nature from your photos.

Julie Ann said...

aww, thanks for all of the sweet comments! :)

@cathy, i used selective editing to bring out the ladybug.
@anna, you know me too well...those rocks really do look like coffee beans and i in fact did go to starbucks after taking those pictures :)
@beth, i am always rockin it, in cali and japan..haha

Last Forty Percent said...

Beautiful shots!
- bri

Junko said...

Hi Julie,
'Anonymous' comment was mine.
I forgot to write my name.

greta, smitten said...

whoa, my comment sent before i was done! hm... as i was saying! love the ladybug and rock pics! that tree with the red spiky things hanging down is really neat! that would make a fun background for a portrait session! looks like you really enjoyed taking these!