Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reunited and it feels so goooood

I've been home for almost a week, and it's been wonderful. My days have been filled with chicken burritos, the gym, and lots of sleeping (in that order too, I think!). Which is why my blog has been pretty silent lately.

However, I have some little sessions coming up that I hope to post soon. And I'm hoping to attend some photography workshops while I'm out here as well.

So for now, here's a picture of my special kitty, Sembei. (Sembei means rice cracker in Japanese). She's an Abyssinian and Abe and I got her when we lived in Tokyo and we brought her with us to L.A. a couple of years ago but due to some international regulations, we were unable to bring her back to Japan with us. We were pretty devastated. Last summer when we came home, she completely ignored us and hissed at us whenever we tried to pick her up. It was pretty sad. Well, I can happily report that this trip home, she finally overcame her grudge against us and has been our sidekick on this trip. She even slept with me in the bed last night! Awwwww! It was nice to be reunited with Sembei. :)


Hope everyone is having a great week!


Briony said...

i love the name is so different! my brother named our cat carl...not as cool. haha

Junko said...

This is Sembei!!!
Beautiful cat!
Are you bringing her to Japan again?
I hope I see her.

Jessica said...

Great picture of the cat. I love her look of concentration.

I just adopted a cat in Thailand, and am planning on bringing her back to the US at some point. What were the problems you had bringing her back to Japan?

PS Found your blog at the Learn Photography Facebook group.

Christopher said...

Glad everyone, including the cat, are enjoying the trip.

Julie Ann said...

yes, i love little sembei...she's the sweetest cat again!

Cathy Crawley said...

Awww, you must be so happy to see her again! Have fun in LA, I wish I was there again :)

Fie said...

awww sembei... i know u missed her so much. love the picture, she looks so good and bad.. nothing has changed.. thats good! cant wait 2 hear all about ur trip home..