Friday, August 21, 2009

My other "home"

We've almost been in Utsunomiya for a month and I must say that time has gone quickly. We've spent a lot of time getting settled in our new apartment and Abe has been practicing a lot already and I've been teaching English.

One thing that is noticeably different from US culture here in Japan is the idea of おみやげ or giving gifts (kinda like souvenirs). Japanese almost always buy small gifts for people when they go on vacations or short trips that usually consist of food or drinks. For example, if I were to visit Aomori (a nothrern area of Japan) I would probably bring back some apples or canned apple juice for a friend as that is the famous product from that area...but I digress....

Since returning to Tochigi, I've already gotten some sweet gifts from students and friends, such as wine, a scarf, some noodles from Korea, bubble bath from Saipan, and most recently, gigantic amazingly delicious grapes:

Although being away from my first home is difficult at times, I'm blessed to have friends and students who were thinking of me while I was gone, making my second home pretty darn sweet.

Happy Weekend!


Christopher said...

And who doesn't love getting gifts..........