Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Furry friends

I've got lots of exciting stuff going on right now. WPPI is next week and even though the workshops may be a bit out of my teacher's salary price range, I'm hoping to go for a few hours to take a peek at what cool stuff is out there...and I get to see some photographers who speak English! :)

Abe and I went to the pet store in Utsunomiya a few days ago. If he let me, I'd go to the pet store everyday. I like to stand with my face pressed against the glass with the children who boldy bang on the glass hoping the cute little monsters will look at us. haha...I hope Abe doesn't read that part.

In any case, here are three cute animals that I took photos of on my new Iphone, which I'm still trying to figure out how to use.

Pretty birdy bird:


Not sure if this is a squirrel or a gopher or what...?


And, this cuddly rat! [icky icky shudddder]


I think we need to get a new fish. Or a cat. Or something. The workers in the pet shop are going to get tired of me window shopping. Ha.


RaquelMcleod said...

This is so funny cause Vince and I got into an argument today and 15 minutes ago he tried to make it up to me by offering me a visit to the pet store to get a puppy....I almost took him up on the offer but I would feel bad leaving him in a kennel when we got out of town and we have lots of trips lined up for this but soon I will want a puppy his name will be "Rugby".