Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I can't believe how quickly December is flying by. Two thousand and nine will be over in just a week and a half. Christmas shopping and working so much has really sped things up for me. Abe and I finally have breaks from our respective jobs which means more quality time and more photos! :)

I just wanted to post a couple of recent photos. Last week I arrived early to Abe's game. I noticed how beautiful the scenery was behind the gym and there were about 10 minutes of golden sun remaining in the chilly sky. So I grabbed my friend Mana and had her pose for me for the 10 minutes that we had. She's shy and probably wouldn't want me posting a bunch so here's just a few...{Thank you Mana!}




Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!


Emma said...

Julie, these are great! LOVE the second one.

Julie Ann said...

Thank you Emma. I'm learning. Slowly but surely :)