Thursday, December 31, 2009

How I Spent My New Year's Eve

Abe and I decided to celebrate the New Year by doing it the way the locals do. It ended up being one of the funnest New Year's Eve celebrations we've had in a long time! {All photos taken with my Iphone}

It started with all you can eat soba noodles and mochi, and all you can drink Japanese sake.

This guy enjoyed himself just a little too much.

We continued onward to the shrine, which was so crowded. But we endured the wait and the freezing temperature to do as the locals did.

We got our fortunes for 2010. Ours were pretty good. But those who had unlucky fortunes tied them to the shrine to leave behind.

The walk along the streets looked like a middle of the night festival. There were vendors set up along the freezing road selling everything Japanese, from okonomiyaki (octopus pancake) to fried squid and chicken on a stick. And the desserts were so pretty! Chocolate bananas and candied apples. Yum!

Finally, the new photo banner on Abe's team website. Abe is the third guy from the left. I actually think it kinda looks more like him than some of the other drawings of the other players.

Hope everyone rang in 2010 safely with their loved ones whether it be on a cold street in Japan, in a crowded casino in Vegas, or in the comfort of your own home.

Happy 2010~!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie for sharing this. It looks so nice, and i really regret that i didnt go with aya last year to the shrine at night, just to see what the traditions really are.
So thank you.
We wish you both a Happy new year, and pray that the blessings keep coming your way in all the new years to come.
I miss you, and louis told me not to tell you but i am anyways, but he said your pictures on your blog looks so nice and he hopes you do something with your talent.

Hope to catch up soon but till then take care


Julie Ann said...

Hi Fie, I'm glad you liked the Japanese experience post I did :)
Can you believe Abe and I have been here together almost 5 years and that was the first time we did that? It was amazing and I'll never forgot how fun it was. I think it was so much fun because Abe's teammates took us and explained everything to us.

As far as the compliment from Lou, please tell him thank you and it means a lot to hear such nice things. I'm still very cautious with my photography and choosy about stuff, but I'm glad it's appreciated by you two :)

I hope you and Lou had a great New Year's celebration, even it if was just at home being cozy together. Those are the best times!!!