Friday, December 11, 2009

The little things

Abe and I will be celebrating our fourth Christmas together in Japan and I'm looking forward to it. We have yet to decide what we're going to do but I'm sure it'll end up being fun. We thought about going home but it was too pricey for the short time we'd be able to make it. So we'll probably do something creative in Asia somewhere.

I've mentioned before how crafty Abe is at making things around the house. At our old apartment, he made a bed out of straight up wood and also a kitchen counter. This year, he made something even more awesome than imaginable. He made a kotatsu table. For those unfamiliar with Japanese furniture (I was until last week!) a kotatsu table is basically a low table with a heater built under it with a blanket on top. You sit under it and feel the heat radiate your legs and feet. (See the picture below that I found online)

At first, I didn't understand how it worked, but once I sat under it, I was in heaven! It was wonderful!

In other news, we recently discovered a newer Costco than the one we stopped driving to because it was too far. Helllloooo hot dogs, pizza and American food at reasonable prices! We stocked up on major "necessities" (lasagna, yogurt, organic veggies, MUFFINS!!!!) and have since been eating like we were back home. Christmas came early this year! :)

Although I tend to complain about the inconveniences or lack of communication while living abroad, I am constantly reminded of the little things that I should be grateful for. I really am fortunate to have this amazing life opportunity in Japan, which might take us back to the US sooner than I know it. Ahhhh.

Here's something you won't find this at Costco in SoCal...


Jessica said...

I want a kotatsu table! Any instructions?

Julie Ann said...

Hmmm. Jessica. My hubby built a table, but you can use any short-legged table. And just look up 'kotatsu heater' online (google or yahoo or wherever) and you can install it under your table. It's really easy and shouldn't cost more than like 30 bucks. I'm using mine right now! :)