Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not a morning person

Today was one of those days. Where things just seemed a little off. I woke up early and had the worst sore throat, but I had scheduled a lesson with a student and it was too late to cancel. I arrived at the coffee shop on time, but unfortunately, my student completely forgot about the lesson. (Totally not her fault...these things happen sometimes). So I decided not to waste a trip to Starbucks and bought my favorite Pumpkin Spiced Latte {sooo yummy!}.
I was enjoying my morning coffee when I accidentally spilled it all over the floor. The staff quickly came to the rescue saying they would help me out, and they took my cherry blossomed decorated coffee tumbler with them. I waited a few minutes and they returned it with what was left in it after I dropped it.
So, I was sick, stood up, and a clutz. All in the timeframe of an hour.

Well, what's a girl who's down on her luck supposed to do? Duhhhh, go shopping! And wouldn't you sore throat felt better! Guess buying Christmas gifts is a good remedy for a yucky morning. Glad I got through it ok :)

Anyway, I was going across some old photos I took while back in LA. I went to a Buddhist temple in Hacienda Heights and learned a lot about what I see here in Japan (but was able to understand everything in English!)

How can you not be happy when seeing this guy?!