Friday, February 19, 2010

Eyelashes and Other Cool Stuff

Last weekend, I went to Tokyo and made that place my best buddy! Abe and I were there for his basketball games, but as usual, I had a long to-do list for the downtime while Abe had practice. Among this list included running errands, meeting friends, and visiting lots of camera shops {the camera shops in Tokyo make me squeal with delight!} .

Aaaand, I also tried something new. I have a friend who is studying to get her beautician's license so she needed someone to practice doing eyelash extensions on. I've never had them done before plus I know what it's like to want someone to pracice on (hellloooo, I constantly harass people with my camera for practice!).

It didn't hurt, took about 90 minutes and I was quite pleased with the result. I've had mixed reactions from my kindergarten students. One little boy stopped the "Hello Song" to say that "Julie Sensei looks a little cute today!" and another girl said that "Julie's eyes look...different." :)

{i don't know why my eyes look so far apart...must be the angle, or my iphone...or...?}

I guess this post could be considered a "Fashion Friday" post, which means that I have resurrected "Fashion Fridays" from the internet dead. I'm going to try and start getting more shots of Japanese fashion, so look out :)


selena said...

Ha ha, "Julie sensei looks a little cute today"... what a heartbreaker. Starting early!

Julie Ann said...

Yea, he is a little flirt. He likes to get there early to get a good seat near the teacher and is always the last to leave. Funny :)

ES-Sense said...

OooooOO! I need longer lashes too! Was it painful or did it tickle?

Julie Ann said...

It was a little uncomfortable but I wouldn't say it was painful. And they lasted for about 4 weeks!
I definitely want to do them again :)