Monday, February 22, 2010

A lil Basketball

Abe's team had two home games last weekend = sports photography practice!


Getting closer to my dream of snapping a dunk photo...


...which is much harder than it seems! (this is omiya-senshu)

By the way, they won both games and are in second place.
{awesome possum!}


selena said...

Those shots are really amazing! I need to learn how to use my camera more effectively.

Junko said...

What amazing photos!!!SUGOI!

Julie Ann said...

thank you selena and junko! i'm having lots of fun learning on my camera :)

selena, i spend hours upon hours every week fiddling around with my camera settings!

sarah said...

julie aaaaaaaaaaann

those photos are amazing. as usual.
i love the top one. if it was sakurai kun, i would print it out and frame it

haha. the sakurai thing isnt even funny anymore, is it?

selena said...

Sarah, it's pretty funny.

Julie Ann said...

haha...yes, sarah, i think it's both funny and adorable!!! i giggle in front of my computer whenever you mention his name... are you coming to next week's game to meet him or whaaaat?!?! :)

Ayumi said...

Great shots!