Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thowin' Beans

Yesterday, many people in Japan celebrated 節分 (Setsubun). You can read more about it here or here but basically it's a day of acknowledging the end of winter by casting out the evil that may dwell in your home. Thus, people welcome spring and invite good luck into their homes.

Abe wasn't thrilled about the part of the custom that entails throwing beans at someone (him) dressed as a devil, but hey, we've had a few unlucky mishaps early in 2010 so if throwing a few beans will cast out those demons, then I'm game :)

All you need for mame-maki:


And just because he was following me wondering why I had out my camera, my beloved kitty, Ninja...


{Please excuse his thrashed collar. He's getting pretty crafty and is slowly gnawing it off}

I'm excited about this upcoming weekend. I'm going to see some friends, snap some photos, and enjoy some city life.
Hope everyone is enjoying their week!


selena said...

Cuuuute kitty!

Julie Ann said...

thanks selena! i'm in love with my kitty. he is the sweetest, devilish cat i could've ever asked for :)