Monday, March 29, 2010


Last weekend was pretty darn awesome. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and students as the Brex season winded down to its last 2 home games (until the playoffs). A friend of mine wanted to come to a game and brought her ADORABLE niece and nephew. The moment I met them, they were all smiles. Lucky for me, I brought my camera!


This is sibling love at its finest!


Isn't she precious?!


This little cutie does not go anywhere without his teddy bear...



yes.yes.yes. I know I've just posted this picture, but I love it so much, I would post it 100 times if I could. Just too cute:


Days like this remind me of how lucky I am that I live in Japan and get such awesome opportunities to meet fun people (and kids) and enjoy each moment that I can :)


Anna said...

Julie!! These are awesome pictures!! You HAVE to come take pictures of Hanna this summer!!
I'll call you later!

Ayumi said...

These are awesome! What beautiful kids!

sarah said...

julie julie

these are by far my favourite photos you've ever taken. they are SO beautiful

Julie Ann said...

thank you thank you thaaaank you :)

i loved these kiddies