Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mystery Box

This post needs a little bit of an explanation.

So if you read my blog regularly you know that Abe and I went home as we usually do at the end of last season. We had lots to take back to LA with us so we decided to ship some of our belongings a couple weeks before we left Japan knowing that it would take about a month to arrive in Cali.

So a few weeks pass and we get one package full of our stuff. Then a few more days go by and our packages continue to arrive one at a time.

We thought we had received them all but one more came. As I opened it, I was thinking "Man, Abe has lots of photographs, and I've never seen these baby pics of him before...hmmmm". Abe looked in the box a bit later and started freaking out. THAT BOX WASN'T OURS. It was full of random stuff belonging to someone else. Mixed in this box, however, was a few of our things. A jersey of Abe's, some of my old costume jewelry. But more importantly, there were things that belonged to another Japanese family. A college diploma, old DVDs, a walkman!

Perhaps the most unfortunate of things to get mixed up in this package was a photo album overflowing with the most precious, beautiful images. There were photos of a baby being taken home from the hospital, crawling for presumably the first time, growing up, etc.






Also in the package was a note from the post office (on the other side of the US) that said our package may have gotten mixed up with another one. But there was no way to get a hold of the post office that handles these sorts of things. Abe wrote a long letter to the post office (there was no phone number or email address...seriously?!) and explained the mix-up but we have yet to hear back from anyone.

And so we have their belongings, and they possibly have ours. I'm not even exactly sure what is in our box, but it can't be as valuable as what we got in theirs.

I can't help but stare at the images I've posted in this blog post. There were about 100 photographs, but I just scanned a few to save. I trip out on what beautiful images they are. The photographer obviously was wonderful with the camera. Each shot so beautifully focused and composed. {sigh}

Anyway, I'm glad that the box was sent to my house as opposed to someone who might not appreciate the sentimental value of these photos. I (with the help of Abe's mother) am determined to find out where these pictures came from and can hopefully return them to their rightful owners.


Lauren Filamor said...

you should contact the media maybe they can do one of those special stories right before they go off air then you can be on tv

Julie Ann said...

Yes, I feel bad that these photos aren't with their rightful owner. They are back in Cali for right now though.
If I could speak enough Japanese, I'd call a TV show and ask for help for sure!

Anna said...

Oh these photos are beautiful! Very captivating. I hope you can find a way to get them back to the person they belong to.

Adrienne Gunde said...

These photos are so so beautiful. It's heartbreaking to think that something like this could happen, but sending positive vibes that it'll work out & you'll be able to find the owner! :)

Sarah said...

That's so interesting. Like a love letter in a bottle. Or finding something in a book you buy from a second hand store.

In other news JULIIIIE I am so excited to meet you this season!!!!!!