Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is it really still summer???

It is now the first week of September and today was a scorching 95 degrees in Tochigi. The dry heat felt like Vegas in July. Luckily though, Abe had the day off so we found refuge in our local Coco's restaurant. All you can drink iced coffee? Yes please!

Aside from drinking all the ice coffee my stomach will allow, I have started working again. Lots of happy little children to sing and dance with!
Oh yea, I also sleep. A LOT. This weather really drains me.

Here's a picture of my cat Ninja (taken on my iPhone) doing what he does best:


Looks like he hates this heat too! Oh autumn, hurry up and get here already!


Junko said...

Welcome to Tochigi again, Julie!
Ninja's photo makes me feel relieved.