Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did you know???

It has been pointed out by several people that I have not fully announced that I have a proper (yet very simple) website for my photography services.

web for blog

( http://JulieAnnPhoto.com )

AND, I have also started a Facebook Page for anyone who reads this blog and wants to keep up with me on Facebook :)

( http://facebook.com/JulieAnnPhoto )

If you haven't already, stop by my site and take a look around or "like" me on Facebook! As always, thank you to those who leave comments, or just keep coming back for more. I'm working on posting more frequently in the future :)



gina said...

hi julie!!!! i was visiting your blog just now and see that you have your website up!!! it's woderful and beautiful and i love your imagery! congrats to you girl!!!!!
happy new year!!