Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After 5+ years of living in Japan, I can honestly say that it continues to surprise and amaze me. I've been to lots of cities (both the famous and the hidden) for leisure and Abe's away games and often times appoint each location as my "new" favorite place.

Last weekend, I discovered a new favorite place in Japan I hadn't visited before: Hiroshima. It was a lovely city sprinkled with quaint coffee shops, artsy-looking botiques, restaurants galore, and of course, history.

Unfortunately, it rained the whole first two days we were there, so I didn't get lots of pictures.



On the second day, despite the rain, I rented a bicycle and went around the city exploring and taking everything in. I went to the Peace Museum, Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome. Although I'd already researched the history of the tragic events that ocurred there, it was still a different experience to see photos and remains of the victims.



While in Hiroshima, I was able to do some local shopping and eat what they are famous for: Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes). What makes Hiroshima style so different, you ask? They are filled with yummy noodles. (Taken with my iPhone) Mmmmm. They were wonderful!



Hiroshima, three days was certainly not enough for me to fully embrace you. I'll be back! :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!