Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Miso

I haven't done a lot of personal posts lately. The days are flying by out here in Japan and it seems like just as we've settled into our latest apartment, it's already time to think about moving out. Such is life every season in Japan.

One thing that has changed our daily routine has been our puppy, Miso. Ohhhh, Miso.

When Abe first brought her home, I was surprised. "She's not a cat", I thought to myself. "She can't clean up after herself and needs to be walked. Hmmmmm..."
The first weeks were hard. Wherever she wasn't supposed to pee or poop, she somehow used as a toilet. We went through lots of rolls of paper towels and even more bottles of pet cleaner. She cried, strike that, yelped whenever we put her in her crate. Lots of sleepless nights and stressful days...

It's been two months and I must say, she's one of the best things that's ever happened to us in Japan. She is pretty much toilet trained and loves to hang out with us wherever we are. She has SO much love to give and is just so darn funny.

On our daily walks, total strangers become smitten within seconds of meeting her and usually end up in a full-on hugfest with her. She cries whenever she hears children playing because she wants to play with them. Most of the other dog owners know her now, shouting, "Hey Miso-chan!" when they see us coming.

She has taught me so much about patience. And forgiveness. And responsibility.

I now have to make a checklist of things to do everyday, so I can ensure ample time to walk her and take care of my own errands. I love this.

Here she is sharing her bed and bone with her kitten-friend, Hana chan:

Many people have asked me how she gets along with our handsome cat, Ninja. Ninja pretends to be so annoyed by Miso's constant need to play. But I catch them snuggling from time to time.

Pets = maaaajor responsibility but are so much fun. Thank you Miso-chan and Ninja-kun!


**sidenote** Below is a picture of an old dog we pass everyday on our afternoon walk. She's chained up in a dog house in a parking lot and can walk about 2 meters, far enough for Miso and her to touch noses between a gate. Miso cries hysterically every time we pass this dog. And this little gal wags her tail when she sees Miso. But, alas, a fence separates them and they cannot 'meet'. One day.

To be coninued.......

all photos taken on my iPhone :)