Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Words (and photos) with Friends :)

I'm so excited to post this entry on my blog. This shoot is special to me because it was many months in the making. I've known Maisha for over a year, but I met her for the first time the day of the shoot.

How is this possible? Through the magic of Facebook and Words with Friends, of course. You see, like myself, Mai is a basketball wife. She and her family travel to where her husband's job takes her (recently Japan and Los Angeles) and along the way friends are made. And like myself, she is very competitive at Words with Friends, and I love that about her.

I was thrilled when she said she and her family would be in LA the same time as me, and even more excited when she told me her husband had given her this shoot as a Mother's Day gift. What a wonderful idea! I couldn't wait to meet them all together and have the honor of photographing them.

On to the photos...

Santa Monica was doing her best to impress us that day...

Tokyo photographer 12

tokyo photographer

This handsome young man was a natural in front of the camera. No begging or pleading was necessary to get him to smile!

Tokyo Photographer1

Such a beautiful pair, these two..

Tokyo photographer2

Tokyo photographer3

I really wanted to get a good family portrait. I really liked these...

Tokyo photographer 5

Tokyo photographer 4

Tokyo photographer 6

Nothing like some daddy-daughter love:

Tokyo photographer 7

Or the bond between a big brother and his little sister:

Tokyo photographer 9

Love this one:

Tokyo photographer 10

And this one:

Tokyo photographer 8

Tokyo photographer 11

Maisha and Mike, thank you for allowing me the fortune of photographing your family. I was so happy to finally meet you and your beautiful family...in person. You were all as sweet as I'd imagined and wish you the best in the future, whichever country it takes you. So happy I can now call you friends :)