Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pretty Little Mika

This little darling's name is Mika. She came over my house with her mommy to say hello yesterday. They like to keep me company when I'm stuck at home cleaning and organizing.

I adore her because:
She has the sweetest personality paired with the perfect innocent smile.
She is patient with my puppy, Miso.
She is gentle with my cat, Ninja.
She is proud and likes to tell people that she is half-Japanese.
She LOVES feta cheese, just like me! We are totally related!
She enjoys visits to Starbucks.
She is super duper smart.

Mika got awarded Student of the Day at her school because of her adorable outfit (the theme was patriotic) so I asked her if I could take her photos. She was very happy to oblige.

Tokyo Photographer

Tokyo photographer

Tokyo photographer

Tokyo Photographer

Here's to many more awards in the future!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Janette and Mauricio: In Love Session

I'm so excited to post this session. It is a session that Janette and I have been corresponding back and forth about for months. We discussed locations, our busy schedules, ideas, and finally ended up with some awesome spots that suited her and Mauricio perfectly: Downtown Los Angeles!

I went a little overboard clicking away on this session, so prepare yourself for heaps of photographs :) (When is that ever a bad thing?!)

First we started off at a favorite place of mine. Urth Cafe. Any excuse to visit this cool spot and I'm there. Coincidentally, Janette loves this place too. Added bonus! :)




Then we ventured over to some gorgeous and very colorful graffiti walls. We were blown away at how cool and huge the artwork was. Perfect spot for some pictures...


They were so lovey dovey this session. No prompting needed for them (awwwww)



Love this photo of Jeanette. Glowing skin and gorgeous eyes for days:



Having a little fun with Iphones :)


I found this wall of flowers while driving around the area and HAD to grab a couple of photos really quickly. I told Jeanette and Mauricio I didn't know how to pronounce them. Forgive me, but I already forgot how to say it: bougambilia.



There's that smize and pretty ring! ;)


Lastly, another cool spot that J and M had access to. The lofts overlooking downtown. Wonderful idea. Beautiful spot. Lovely couple.



Isn't she adorable?!



I'll end on this one. It illustrates them and this session so perfectly.


Janette and Mauricio, thank you so much for inviting me to follow you around and take your pictures. I had so much fun exploring with you and dodging traffic as I stood in the middle of the street. You two are the sweetest. Can't wait to have a doggy date soon! :)