Sunday, December 25, 2011

365 | Day 1

Happy Holidays, friends, family, blog readers. I hope your bellies are filled with delicious treats, and your hearts are happy after celebrating the holiday season with loved ones.

Abe and I decided to stay in Japan this Christmas and, although it was difficult being away from family and friends back home, we ended up having a great time doing local activities and enjoying being in Tokyo.

As this calendar year winds down, I have been thinking of doing something that will help to inspire me to continue to develop my photography skills. I have considered for a while now starting a 365-day photo project as many skilled photographers I admire have done.

And with the addition of a new lens to my collection (an awesome and unexpected present from Abe), I have more motivation than ever to commence the project. So yes, for the next 365 consecutive days, I plan to take and post at least one picture on my blog. It might be something that catches my eye on my walk home, something delicious I eat, or something really "Japanese" that I think looks interesting. {Plan on seeing lots of Miso-Ninja pictures!}

Why not start on January 1st? It's too "official" to me. Too much focus on the first day of the year. So the day after Christmas sounds about right :)

So to start off this project, I found it fitting for my first picture to be of my new baby, the lens I've been dreaming about for years...

nikon baby

Aint she sexy?!

Happy Holidays!