Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shichi-Go-San in Tokyo

This session was six months in the making. Jun (one of my favorite people in Tokyo) asked me in the spring if I could shoot a family session for the very special 7-5-3 event that takes place in Japan. As soon as she said kimonos were going to be involved, I was excited. To say it was an honor that they chose me is an understatement. I feel so fortunate that she and her family trusted me to document this very important time and am so grateful for the opportunity.

The session couldn't have gone any more beautifully. The girls were gorgeous, the boys were handsome. And the love within this family was abundant...

They showed me a fun children's "game" I hadn't seen before. Kind of like a wishbone game with pine needles. Neato!

Jun, I cannot thank you enough for being kind enough to invite me to spend an afternoon with your beautiful family! I enjoyed every minute of it, including the lovely tea in the beautiful room! I am so fortunate that I met you last year and even more happy that we've stayed in touch. I truly hope you love the photos. I can feel the love amongst your family just by looking through them.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Family Love: Preview

It's been a while since I've updated my blog. 2012 has been quite good to me which means I have been busy (but in a good way)! I have lots of catching up to do with sessions from the past few months but yesterday's Tokyo session was too cute to not post a preview.

Happy last few days of 2012!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pretty Baby

Met this sweet ten day old angel today. More soon.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kjerstin is Four!

My very first family session in Tokyo took place on a very muggy afternoon. I was so nervous and met a nice family of three (at that time) at a huge shrine. We wanted to capture photos of Kjerstin, who had just turned one.

Three years later, I met them again, this time with lots more experience as a photographer, them with a new edition to the family but the same smiles and kindness that I remembered from our first session.

I loved so much about this day with this family...

I loved how kind they were the minute they stepped outside of their home.
I loved how excited Kjerstin (the birthday girl) was to show me her new sparkly shoes.
I love that they saved my umbrella that I left hanging on their stroller from our first session 3 years ago!

I loved that Erik knew exactly what to do to make his daughter laugh, with their inside jokes.
I loved that Tami had a backup monkey toy for Andrew just in case he needed it and how fondly he looked at his mommy.

I loved how thrilled Kjerstin was to show me where the turtle sleeps...and how I needed to be quiet or he wouldn't be there and, "...that won't be very good..."

The way the workers knew just who they were when we walked into Frijoles and how sweet they were back to the employees.

How cute and a little bit bashful they were (and sooo in love) when I asked them if they wouldn't mind giving one peck to each other on a somewhat crowded Tokyo street.

Shhhh! We're going to scare away the turtle that lives here!

When I asked her how big the turtle was, she said, "Thiiiis big!"

Then I said, "Really?!"...and she said, "Maybe it was more like this big..." :)

I love how beautiful they are as a family and how special I felt that day, that I was asked to follow them and record a day of their life in Tokyo.

I love that I am able to do these kinds of sessions for people. To give them fond memories of a place they love so much, thousands of miles away from 'home'....

Thank you so much to this wonderful family for asking me to photograph you all and be a part of the memories of Kjerstin turning four. I hope you love the photos!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Papa's Birthday Surprise

I love it when friends use photography as gifts.

Anna wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday by doing something different (and super thoughtful) this year. So we made arrangements to meet on a rainy Tokyo afternoon and find a cool area to photograph a very special message.

The kids were excited to do this for their Papa which made the little session that much more fun.

Anna and Mike: It's always a pleasure photographing your beautiful family! I hope you liked the pictures :)